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World Blood Donor Day is marked every year on 14 June,This year, on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day 2023, the National Transfusion Centre is calling on people across the country to donate blood in a gesture of solidarity. Becoming a volunteer blood donor is a simple but selfless step that everyone can take to strengthen their communities, support local health systems and save lives.

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Reasons to donate blood / blood components


Your donated blood can help save the life of a newborn baby, mother, father, brother or sister.


You can be sure that the blood you donate will always be needed and can even help someone close to you.


Blood is a priceless gift that cannot be bought with money, but can only be donated from one prisoner to another.


It's something you can give "from the heart", although sometimes it's not enough for everyone who needs it.

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Blood units stock

Don't be indifferent, schedule a blood donation and help maintain your blood/blood components supply.

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Blood of this blood group are available in sufficient quantity.
Blood of this blood group are in a need of increased consumption.
Blood of this blood group are not available in sufficient quantity.

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